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Daryl Morey

Daryl Moreyis currentlythe General Manager of the Houston Rockets.

Morey comes to the Rockets after serving three years as SVP of Operations and Information for the Boston Celtics. While with the Celtics, basketball operations was a key part of his responsibilities, including the development of analytical methods and technology to enhance basketball decisions, such as the draft, trades, free agency and statistical advance scouting for the coaching staff. His hiring follows the recent Moneyball trend of moving away from scouting in favor of more statistical-based analysis.

Several baseball teams have hired executives with non-traditional baseball backgrounds, but the Rockets are the first NBA team to hire a general manager in this vein.

Morey earned a BS in computer science from Northwestern University, and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 2000. He teaches an MBA-level course at MIT titled "Analytical Sports Management."


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