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Sam Hinkie

Sam Hinkie was GM for Philadelphia 76ers.

Prior to joining 76ers, Sam Hinkie was Houston Rockets' Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations. Hinkie advised Daryl Morey on the draft, free agency, trades, and game strategy. Hinkie also led the Rockets analytic efforts and manages the teamís salary cap.

In his first two seasons with the Rockets, Hinkie served as Special Assistant to the General Manager where he worked closely with former GM Carroll Dawson. Prior to joining the Rockets, Hinkie advised two NFL teams on draft strategies and ways to use statistical analysis to improve decision making. Hinkie also has experience as a consultant for Bain & Company, a leading global-strategy consulting firm. In addition, he worked in private equity and venture capital where he led diligence teams and provided strategic direction for his firmís investment companies.

Hinkie graduated from the University of Oklahoma and was named one of the top-60 undergraduate students in the country by USA Today. He also holds an MBA from Stanford, graduating with highest honors as an Arjay Miller Scholar.


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