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Player Tracking Plus Minus (PT-PM)
Author: Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson's Player Tracking Plus Minus (PT-PM) is a player evaluation metric based on a combination of:

PT-PM is split into offense and defense in terms of estimates of a player's impact on the floor. Offensive PT-PM (OPT-PM), per 100 possessions equals=

-4.123 + .594xPoints + -.559xFGA + Passing Efficiencyx21.809 + -.587xTOV per 100 touches + 4.241xContested Rebound Pct + .043xMinutes per Game + -.247xFTA + .138xRebsx3P Rate

Passing Efficiency: points created per pass attempts
TOV per 100 touches (TOVtouch100): the number of turnovers committed per 100 touches.
Contested Rebound Pct: % of rebounds a player gets that are up for grabs with the opposing team Defensive PT-PM (DPT-PM) equals to

1.605+ -5.627xOpponent FG%Rim + .953xSteal100 + .145xOppFGARim -0.159xPF100

OpponentFG%Rim is % a players opponent shot at the basket when they were in position to contest the shot.
OppFGARim, is the number of times per 100 possessions the player was in position to contest a shot at the rim.


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