In-Season Datasets

In-season* plans grant you access to the daily updated team, player box score stats, play-by-play logs, and DFS data throughout the season.

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*: Once you get an in-season plan, you’d just need to log into your account or join the Dropbox folders to get immediate access to current season data.

Build and backtest your model against historical data: Analyze trends in the past, calculate your own metrics and gain insight into the game.


Get started with schedule spreadsheets that help you plan your attendance or mark the dates with games suiting your betting/fantasy strategy.
NFL Regular Season Schedule
2020 NFL schedule in Excel includes 256 regular season games including columns: Date, Week#, Game-time, Road Team, Home Team, Stadium.

NFL Regular Season Schedule in Excel
NBA Historical Schedule
NBA historical schedule & scores dataset includes all games played in regular season and playoffs. Game-id, game-date, game-time, final scores, total game minutes, rest days and opponent rest days provided for each game.
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