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Sportsbook Odds Updates and Preview for Remaining NBA Playoffs

The NBA Playoffs are now well underway and the best of the best are really starting to separate from the rest of the pack. The one and two seeds in the West have gotten off to excellent starts, while in the East, the two-seed has gotten off to an all-too-familiar snake-bitten start. While most matchups are a little more cut and dry than others, according to our advanced calculations, there is one sleeper still on the board.

First off, we know who won’t surprise and that’s the big three – Golden State, San Antonio and Cleveland. In fact, a review of sportsbooks listed here shows consistency. Odds at the big NBA betting sites hand it over to the West, either to Golden State (-180 odds) or the Spurs (+250) ousting the Cavaliers (+400) to take the title. After those three though, the remaining contenders are a little all over the place.

The Oklahoma City Thunder (+1,500) are no sure bet as they split their first two games with the Mavericks. The Clippers (+2,000) looked strong in their opener beating Portland by 20, although their regular season results against the Blazers show that the series is still wide open. Meanwhile, over in the East, the Raptors (+3,000) lost their opener to Indiana by ten points.

There is one team in the conference though that nobody’s talking about and that’s the Charlotte Hornets. We know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. While the Miami Heat destroyed the Hornets in their series opener by 32-points, they split their season series. Now, while we’re not talking NBA Finals here, the Hornets are (+15,000) and could pay off nicely.

They were one of the hottest teams entering the playoffs going 7-3 in their last ten and winning 26 of their final 35 this season. If they can knock off the Heat, they’ll face either Indiana or Toronto. They had a little bit of trouble with the playoff-plagued Raptors, going 1-2 against them this season. However, they completely blanked the Pacers three games to none. A successful run which included a 22-point victory back in February. So if they can get rid of Miami, they could have a shot at making sportsbooks think twice about the Swarm.

Sadly though, from the look of the odd sets, it’s yet NBA playoff picture that’s basically already set in stone. The NBA rejoiced at the thought of parity and flipping the script of a two, three or four team league over the past few years. From what we’re seeing so far though this year, we can probably expect the usual suspects to continue their 2015 fight for basketball’s Holy Grail.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 April 2016 )
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