2009 Playoffs Prediction Record

The model is 59-26 (.694) in predicting winner teams since April, 18, 2009.

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6/14/2009THE FINALSGAME 5LalOrl9986
6/11/2009THE FINALSGAME 4LalOrl9991
6/9/2009THE FINALSGAME 3LalOrl104108
6/7/2009THE FINALSGAME 2OrlLal96101
6/4/2009THE FINALSGAME 1OrlLal75100
5/30/2009EAST FINALGAME 6CleOrl90103
5/29/2009WEST FINALGAME 6LalDen11992
5/28/2009EAST FINALGAME 5OrlCle102112
5/27/2009WEST FINALGAME 5DenLal94103
5/26/2009EAST FINALGAME 4CleOrl114116
5/25/2009WEST FINALGAME 4LalDen101120
5/24/2009EAST FINALGAME 3CleOrl8999
5/23/2009WEST FINALGAME 3LalDen10397
5/22/2009EAST FINALGAME 2OrlCle9596
5/21/2009WEST FINALGAME 2DenLal106103
5/20/2009EAST FINALGAME 1OrlCle107106
5/19/2009WEST FINALGAME 1DenLal103105
5/17/2009WEST SEMIFINALGAME 7HouLal7089
5/17/2009EAST SEMIFINALGAME 7OrlBos10182
5/14/2009WEST SEMIFINALGAME 6LalHou8095
5/14/2009EAST SEMIFINALGAME 6BosOrl7583
5/13/2009WEST SEMIFINALGAME 5DalDen110124
5/12/2009EAST SEMIFINALGAME 5OrlBos8892
5/12/2009WEST SEMIFINALGAME 5HouLal78118
5/11/2009EAST SEMIFINALGAME 4CleAtl8474
5/11/2009WEST SEMIFINALGAME 4DenDal117119
5/10/2009WEST SEMIFINALGAME 4LalHou8799
5/10/2009EAST SEMIFINALGAME 4BosOrl9594
5/9/2009WEST SEMIFINALGAME 3DenDal106105
5/9/2009EAST SEMIFINALGAME 3CleAtl9782
5/8/2009WEST SEMIFINALGAME 3LalHou10894
5/8/2009EAST SEMIFINALGAME 3BosOrl96117
5/7/2009EAST SEMIFINALGAME 2AtlCle85105
5/6/2009WEST SEMIFINALGAME 2HouLal98111
5/6/2009EAST SEMIFINALGAME 2OrlBos94112
5/5/2009WEST SEMIFINALGAME 2DalDen105117
5/5/2009EAST SEMIFINALGAME 1AtlCle7299
5/4/2009WEST SEMIFINALGAME 1HouLal10092
5/4/2009EAST SEMIFINALGAME 1OrlBos9590
5/3/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 7MiaAtl7891
5/3/2009WEST SEMIFINALGAME 1DalDen95109
5/2/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 7ChiBos99109
5/1/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 6AtlMia7298
4/30/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 6BosChi127128
4/30/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 6OrlPhi11489
4/30/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 6PorHou7692
4/29/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 5MiaAtl91106
4/29/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 5NorDen86107
4/28/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 5ChiBos104106
4/28/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 5PhiOrl7891
4/28/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 5DalSan10693
4/28/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 5HouPor7788
4/27/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 4AtlMia8171
4/27/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 5UtaLal96107
4/27/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 4DenNor12163
4/26/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 4CleDet9978
4/26/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 4BosChi118121
4/26/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 4OrlPhi8481
4/26/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 4PorHou8889
4/25/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 3AtlMia78107
4/25/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 4LalUta10894
4/25/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 3DenNor9395
4/25/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 4SanDal9099
4/24/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 3CleDet7968
4/24/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 3OrlPhi9496
4/24/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 3PorHou8386
4/23/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 3BosChi10786
4/23/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 3LalUta8688
4/23/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 3SanDal6788
4/22/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 2PhiOrl8796
4/22/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 2MiaAtl10893
4/22/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 2NorDen93108
4/21/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 2DetCle8294
4/21/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 2UtaLal109119
4/21/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 2HouPor103107
4/20/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 2ChiBos115118
4/20/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 2DalSan84105
4/19/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 1PhiOrl10098
4/19/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 1MiaAtl6490
4/19/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 1UtaLal100113
4/19/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 1NorDen84113
4/18/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 1DetCle84102
4/18/2009EAST ROUND 1GAME 1ChiBos105103
4/18/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 1DalSan10597
4/18/2009WEST ROUND 1GAME 1HouPor10881

Elimination games highlighted.

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