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2016 NBA Playoffs Referee Stats

NBA referee assignments posted on NBA.com at 9:00 AM ET each game day. Mouse over referee names for photos.

Last updated through games completed on June 19, 2016. Click column headers to sort. Reverse the sort order by clicking on it twice.


Rank Referee Type Games Officiated Home Team Win% Home Team Pts Diff. Tot. Points Per Game Called Fouls Per Game Road Team Foul Pct. Home Team Foul Pct. Road Tech. Per Game Home Tech. Per Game
Bill KennedyMAIN30.667111933757.742.30.70
Dan CrawfordMAIN100.76.4191.642.252.447.60.70.7
James CapersMAIN90.6674207.148.355.444.60.90.8
Leroy RichardsonMAIN211319538.553.246.80.50
Mike CallahanMAIN160.81314.2197.141.850.
Monty McCutchenMAIN130.3852.7197.
Sean CorbinMAIN50.612.6205.840.648.351.70.40.2
Tony BrothersMAIN90.66710.119941.347.452.70.40.2
Bill SpoonerCREW60.53187.73952.
David GuthrieCREW40.542003745.954.10.50.3
Derrick CollinsCREW313188.346.756.443.50.30
Derrick StaffordCREW90.5564.6204.141.749.850.10.10.2
Ed MalloyCREW110.63614.8204.143485210.4
Eric LewisCREW311719737.754.845.10.70.3
Jason PhillipsCREW120.4171.1195.139.348.351.50.30.3
John GobleCREW90.77811.9199.745.850.549.50.70.3
Josh TivenCREW30.3330.318341.745.654.40.30
Ken MauerCREW50.68.6216.643.
Marc DavisCREW120.6676.9203.937.351.
Mark LindsayCREW112618250564412
Pat FraherCREW50.89209.44149.850.20.60.6
Rodney MottCREW50.86.6210.649.256.943.10.80.6
Ron GarretsonCREW60.6674.8191.242.752.747.20.80.5
Scott FosterCREW90.77815195.741.748520.30.2
Sean WrightCREW70.8578.9205.147.153.1470.40.3
Tony BrownCREW2124.5181.549495110
Zach ZarbaCREW90.8898210.444.153.946.10.60.3

Photos courtesy of basketball-refs.com, phillyref.com.

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