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2011 NBA Playoffs Schedule

Chicago vs. IndianaGame 14/16/20111:00 PMIndChi
Miami vs. PhiladelphiaGame 14/16/20113:30 PMPhiMia
Orlando vs. AtlantaGame 14/16/20117:00 PMAtlOrl
Dallas vs. PortlandGame 14/16/20119:30 PMPorDal
San Antonio vs. MemphisGame 14/17/20111:00 PMMemSan
LA Lakers vs. New OrleansGame 14/17/20113:30 PMNorLal
Boston vs. New YorkGame 14/17/20117:00 PMNykBos
Oklahoma City vs. DenverGame 14/17/20119:30 PMDenOkc
Miami vs. PhiladelphiaGame 24/18/20117:00 PMPhiMia
Chicago vs. IndianaGame 24/18/20119:30 PMIndChi
Boston vs. New YorkGame 24/19/20117:00 PMNykBos
Orlando vs. AtlantaGame 24/19/20117:30 PMAtlOrl
Dallas vs. PortlandGame 24/19/20119:30 PMPorDal
Oklahoma City vs. DenverGame 24/20/20118:00 PMDenOkc
San Antonio vs. MemphisGame 24/20/20118:30 PMMemSan
LA Lakers vs. New OrleansGame 24/20/201110:30 PMNorLal
Chicago vs. IndianaGame 34/21/20117:00 PMChiInd
Miami vs. PhiladelphiaGame 34/21/20118:00 PMMiaPhi
Dallas vs. PortlandGame 34/21/201110:30 PMDalPor
Boston vs. New YorkGame 34/22/20117:00 PMBosNyk
Orlando vs. AtlantaGame 34/22/20118:00 PMOrlAtl
LA Lakers vs. New OrleansGame 34/22/20119:30 PMLalNor
Chicago vs. IndianaGame 34/23/20112:30 PMChiInd
Dallas vs. PortlandGame 44/23/20115:00 PMDalPor
San Antonio vs. MemphisGame 34/23/20117:30 PMSanMem
Oklahoma City vs. DenverGame 44/23/201110:00 PMOkcDen
Miami vs. PhiladelphiaGame 44/24/20111:00 PMMiaPhi
Boston vs. New YorkGame 44/24/20113:30 PMBosNyk
Orlando vs. AtlantaGame 44/24/20117:00 PMOrlAtl
LA Lakers vs. New OrleansGame 44/24/20119:30 PMLalNor
Dallas vs. PortlandGame 5*4/25/2011TBDPorDal
San Antonio vs. MemphisGame 44/25/2011TBDSanMem
Oklahoma City vs. DenverGame 44/25/201110:30 PMOkcDen
Boston vs. New YorkGame 5*4/26/2011TBDNykBos
Chicago vs. IndianaGame 5*4/26/2011TBDIndChi
LA Lakers vs. New OrleansGame 5*4/26/2011TBDNorLal
Orlando vs. AtlantaGame 5*4/26/2011TBDAtlOrl
Miami vs. PhiladelphiaGame 5*4/27/2011TBDPhiMia
San Antonio vs. MemphisGame 5*4/27/2011TBDMemSan
Oklahoma City vs. DenverGame 5*4/27/2011TBDDenOkc
Orlando vs. AtlantaGame 6*4/28/2011TBDOrlAtl
LA Lakers vs. New OrleansGame 6*4/28/2011TBDLalNor
Chicago vs. IndianaGame 6*4/28/2011TBDChiInd
Dallas vs. PortlandGame 6*4/28/2011TBDDalPor
Oklahoma City vs. DenverGame 6*4/29/2011TBDOkcDen
Boston vs. New YorkGame 6*4/29/2011TBDBosNyk
Miami vs. PhiladelphiaGame 6*4/29/2011TBDMiaPhi
San Antonio vs. MemphisGame 6*4/29/2011TBDSanMem
Chicago vs. IndianaGame 7*4/30/2011TBDIndChi
Dallas vs. PortlandGame 7*4/30/2011TBDPorDal
LA Lakers vs. New OrleansGame 7*4/30/2011TBDNorLal
Orlando vs. AtlantaGame 7*4/30/2011TBDAtlOrl
Boston vs. New YorkGame 7*5/1/2011TBDNykBos
Miami vs. PhiladelphiaGame 7*5/1/2011TBDPhiMia
San Antonio vs. MemphisGame 7*5/1/2011TBDMemSan
Oklahoma City vs. DenverGame 7*5/1/2011TBDDenOkc
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